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Montorfano is a specialist supplier of high-quality crankshafts and other Eccentric and Industrial Crankshafts. They also supply ten throw crankshafts, single throw crankshafts, four throw crankshafts and twin throw crankshafts.The … read more »

Eccentric Shafts & Hydraulic Pistons

Our suppliers have invested in highly specialised equipment for the construction of eccentric shafts and hydraulic pistons for use in forming applications.The eccentric shafts for presses, shearing machines and pumps … read more »

Through Hardened Rolls

Officine Montorfano manufacture counter cutter rolls which meet the increasingly demanding requirements for plant work speed of paper processing and cardboard processing applications. The advanced production technology allows them to … read more »

Slitter Shafts For Slitting Lines & Roll Shafts for Profile Turning Lines

We supply high tech slitter shafts and roll shafts made using the latest NC machines tools, achieving geometrical tolerances between 0.002 and 0.004mm. The shafts are constructed from forged steel … read more »

Levelling Rolls & Intermediate Rolls

Our suppliers have over thirty five years experience in the manufacture of levelling rolls, straightening rolls and intermediate rolls for hot or cold processing of all types of sheet metal.The … read more »

Back Up Rolls

Our large range of Back Up Rolls are specifically optimised for flattening machines, thereby ensuring optimal performance even in challenging operating environment with dust, moisture and clamine.

Rolls for Rolling Mills

Officine Montorfano manufactures top quality rolls for rolling mills, working to the most exacting standards and levels of complexity. Their production and testing systems have been designed to meet the … read more »


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