7th July 2016

Montorfano is a specialist supplier of high-quality crankshafts and other Eccentric and Industrial Crankshafts. They also supply ten throw crankshafts, single throw crankshafts, four throw crankshafts and twin throw crankshafts.The crankshafts are machined from solid billets, forgings and castings for a wide range of applications. Montorfano are suppliers of :

  • automotive crankshafts
  • crankshafts for marine diesel engines
  • crankshafts for ships
  • crankshafts for reciprocating compressors and pumps
  • crankshafts for power presses
  • crankshafts for steam engines
  • crankshafts for food processing machinery
  • crankshafts for special purpose machines.