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Hardening of the surface is necessary for work pieces exposed to severe work conditions such as hydraulic cylinder rods on earth moving equipment. This process makes the surface much more … read more »

Chrome Plating

Developing the chrome plating technology and designing a process reliable chrome plating machine was an important step for Loeser on the road to becoming a supplier of complete systems in … read more »

Roll Grinding Machines

Applications:Surface conditioning prior to surface coating or plating. Finishing of coated surfaces like HVOF spray coatings, chrome plated rolls, rubber coatings and ceramic coatings. Stripping of hard materials like ceramic … read more »

Wheel Deburring Machines

The Loeser Wheel Deburing Polishing Machines burr the inside and the outside of a car rim using specially shaped brushes. Ridges, resulting in the production of wheels can be removed very easily.

Superfinish Microfinish Machines

Applications Surface improvements after belt grinding to Ra <0,004µm. High demand to on wear resistant coatings. Superfinish on extremely hard materials with diamond tape. Honing of hydraulic parts and axles, … read more »

Centerless Polishing Machines

Applications:Surface improvement and conditioning for : plating, descaling, decorative grinding, finishing, linishing, degreasing, cleaning, calibrating, deburring, satin finishing, brushing, polishing, mirror finishing, superfinishing, microfinishing, steel finishing, Metal polishing, Tube and bar … read more »

Flatgrinding Machines


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