Superfinish Microfinish Machines

7th July 2016


Surface improvements after belt grinding to Ra <0,004┬Ám.

High demand to on wear resistant coatings. Superfinish on extremely hard materials with diamond tape. Honing of hydraulic parts and axles, removing the spin characteristics on stone ground sealing surfaces, improved bearing surface, for reduced wear of seals, reduced stip slick effect. Superior surface texture compared to roller burnishing. Superfinish incorporated in automated production cells as stand-alone systems or superfinish heads used in many stone grinding systems from Hercules, Naxos, Waldrich, Voith. Use in the paper industry, military, science, racing. Simple exchange of the abrasive enable for easy to reach finishes. To remove high peaks on steel rolls or finest superfinishing to mirror surface on foil rolls and pressure rolls.