Flow-Forming of Clutch Carriers

7th July 2016

Flow-forming includes a pre-form (pressed, turned, drawn, forged) being pushed onto a flow-forming mandrel held by the main spindle with low tolerance. The pressure plate fastens the pre-form to the mandrel. The main spindle drive rotates it. The pre-form is moved along by a friction-lock. Flow-forming is applied to the circumference of the pre-form locally. The direct pressure effect of the roller plastically deforms the pre-form material. The defined axial movement of flow-forming leads to the starting wall thickness of the pre-form s0 being reduced to an adjustable final wall thickness of s1, while the starting length L0 of the pre-form extends to the final length L1. The inner contour of the workpiece is formed directly by the spinning roller mandrel (imaging procedure). In this manner, high-quality workpieces with an inner profile can be produced if the mandrels are shaped accordingly.