MMP Mobile Medium Pipe – MMP 600-M

7th July 2016

With the new clamping concept GERIMA-MMP the GERIMA hand bevel milling machines can now also be used as portable pipe end preparation machines quickly and effectively locally.

The clamping system MMP 600-M is clamped and fixed inside the pipe against the pipe wall. The hand bevel milling machines are connected with the clamping device and connected with a slide to the pipe edge. The bevel angle is defined by changeable milling heads with a corresponding bevel angle. The milling units are spring loaded and copy over a copying roll on the pipe wall the tube contour. Thus, a very good bevel quality is produced with accurate land width. The results are bright metallic welding bevels without heat effects.
The clamping system has been developed for use both in production as well as on the site. For disposal are electric and pneumatic milling machines.