ST Series

7th July 2016

Flow forming is an innovative production process providing economic and environmental benfits. Energy and material costs are less whilst the material’s characteristics are improved and the process is more environmentally friendly as fewer resources are used than alternative procedures. The process results in improved dynamic material characteristics providing increased workload and longer lifetime, plus reduced weight and the lower moment of inertia cuts energy costs. The ST series are heavy duty flow-forming machines with 3 rollers, CNC driven

  • Sustained reduction of material and energy costs
  • Cost-effectiveness due to only few processing steps
  • Low machine and tooling costs
  • High degree of material utilization
  • Increased strength and hardness
  • Favourable, uninterrupted texture
  • Hardened microstructure
  • Complicated or complex geometry
  • One-piece multi-functional workpieces
  • Short tooling change times
  • Simple adjustment via program change
  • High productivity