Slitting Lines

7th July 2016

Available in three different widths, the lines comprise:

  1. a motorised decoiler coil-loading cradle
  2. strip-end input unit
  3. cutting head with guides
  4. off cut rewinder
  5. input table
  6. felt or roller strip-tightening clamp for fragile metals
  7. rewinder for cut coils
  8. offloading turret with two or four heads
  9. working speeds: 0 to 40 m/min., 0 to 50 m/min., 0 to 100 m/min.

They are available either with fixed or removable shafts to facilitate rapid replacement of the blades, gauged spacers and supports and extractor rings. Cutting width precision is within a tolerance of± 0.5 of the setting.