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Trimming & Flanging Machines



For secondary operations on regular and irregular-shaped spinnings and pressings,Lucas s.r.l build a range of machines for flanging, swaging, trimming, beading and edge curling of sheet metal parts. Special-purpose machines are available for the manufacture of flue parts as well as for flanging axial fan ducts. Nuova Lucas has over 30 of experience in the production of machines for the working of sheet metal. Thanks to this know-how, constant and careful research for constructive materials and components, and rigorous process quality controls, Nuova Lucas now enjoys an enviable position in the international market, and is capable of supplying a wide range of both standard machines and special machines designed and constructed to client specifications for both insertion in complete production lines and stand-alone operation that includes:

  • circular shearing / beading machines
  • flanging machines / tube punching machines
  • trimming machines / beading machines
  • special / combined machines
  • machines designed to client specifications
  • complete production lines

All the Lucas machines feature operational simplicity, quick set-up and high production speeds.

CE 2000

Special machine suitable to work parts with big thickness and big diameter, equipped with: loose lower spindle, tailstock mov...

Linea Estintori

Special machine for punching forming and trimming the extinguisher bodies starting from the drawn shell.

VBU 1200

Lower spindle motorized by means of gear-box and inverter, upper tailstock rigidly connected to a portal frame, machine entir...

VBU 800

Lower spindle motorized by means of gear-box and inverter, upper tailstock rigidly connected to a portal frame, mach...

VBU 400 R

Special machine for the cold-forming of the pulleys with: lower spindle motorized by means of gear-box and inverter,...

VBU 400

Lower spindle motorized by means of gear-box and inverter, upper tailstock rigidly connected to an arm or portal fra...


The Lucas range of flanging machines produce flanged and beading operations on almost any flange shape and in addition, they can also perform punching operations, all in a single set-up.

With a range of auxiliary units and different types of tooling, allowing for different styles of flange, the part which is clamped in an expanding mandrill produces a very high quality and accurate flanged part.

With a range of machines to efficiently execute flanging, punching and stiffening re-flanging in a simple and fast fashion on a duct.

The main features of LUCAS flanging machines are:

  • fast and simple to use, with quick tool change feature and user-friendly programming
  • long tool life due to a sturdy construction of the working units with a particular attention to the sliding both for “hydraulic” or “electronic” control of stroke by “brushless” motor and guiding by recirculating balls screws


Flanging Machine Model 2/3000

This machine is especially designed to flange pipes and joints. This machine can automatically flange outwards and then turn ...

VBU 200

Tube-end flanging and beading machine for stainless steel body of submersed pumps, model. This machine is a real innovation i...

Flanging Machine Model Rotor 3

This machine is especially designed to realize the outer frame of the axial fans, filter frames, pipes for ventilation and po...