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Metal Spinning & Flow Forming


Metal  Spinning

Established in 1891, Leifeld has been a leading innovator in the field of metal forming technology and the result is today’s state-of-the-art Playback/ CNC spinning machines. Skill-recording controls backed by CNC with graphical editing and programming features allow traditional craftsman’s skills to be captured and harnessed in an industrial manufacturing environment. As a consequence, metal spinning now ranks with deep drawing and press-working for the volume production of a host of industrial parts.

Benefits Of Metal Spinning:

  1. achievement of maximum work rates
  2. in-cycle secondary operations
  3. relatively low tooling cost
  4. quick changeovers
  5. adaptable tooling systems
  6. flexible production
  7. short set-up times – increasing machine availability
  8. lower power consumption compared to some other processing methods


Machine programming can be done either online in CNC mode or off-line using our Opus programming system. Opus allows easy administration of the NC programmes. Using a database, the operator can select up to 30 different criteria to search for programmes, alter, delete, print and archive settings. It provides a graphical representation of the complete operating programme.


By selecting from a range of auxiliary attachments, a basic spinning machine can become a versatile spinning centre. Its easy to operate and capable of carrying out more than one operation in a single cycle. The range of ancillary operations provides flexibility and gives manufacturers the scope to diversify and adopt new techniques as the market demands. Ancillary Operations include:

300 SC Series

The 300 SC series is the "big brother“ of Leifeld’s standard Spinning Center. The versatile machine is the ideal...

SC Series

The Spinning Center is the new standard spinning machine made by Leifeld. The machine features Leifeld's well-proven...