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Circle Cutting Machines


Leifeld is the UK agent for Aryma Circle cutting machines.

The proven ARYMA KS range of automatic circle shears comprises two basic models, the KS3 for sheet up to 3mm and 1250mm dia. and the KS6 for 6mm sheet up to 1500mm dia. A feature of both models is the slant work table for ease of scrap removal.

The ARYMA plunge cutting action produces distortion-free off-cuts for easy handling. The same feature makes the machine ideal for cutting centre holes in square or rectangular panels for heating and ventilation applications or equally for cutting rings, e.g. for seal manufacture. Special attachments are fitted for cutting mesh and gauze or motor laminations.

  1. Fast set-up, changeover and loading of the machine
  2. Positioning of the blanks against back and side stops
  3. Automatic removal of scraps
  4. Precise and clean cuts
  5. Automatic and manual operation
  6. Lubrication of the cutters gives optimal tool life
  7. Digital display for stops and diameters
  8. Full electric/electronic control
  9. Safety: 2-hand operation and protection tables
  10. High cutting capacity