Pressure Controlled Grinding – The New Way

6th April 2016

new technical development for pressure controlled grinding  has  now  been  successfully  proven  at companies like Germany-based Thyssen and Schmolz & Bickenbach, Sandvik Steel in Sweden, Romac Metals, USA and many others.

As a new technology for high production combined with low costs in belt consumption, pressure controlled grinding is ahead of conventional grinding methods.


Löser, with more than 60 years experience in beltgrinding technology, has invented this system and has continuously developed it over the years to reach the state-of-the-art grinding system of today. The principle is based on the philosophy that even bent tubes find their way through the machines without causing pressure variations like those in fixed grinding stations, which are mounted on slides. In the Löser grinding stations, the grinding heads and regulating wheels are pressure loaded and self-centring.

This pressure controlled grinding can only be achieved in systems which work without a slide. The heads are therefore mounted on an axle, so that the head can rotate and be very finely adjusted via a cylinder. A conventional grinding head on a slide would have too much weight for quick response times.