The Next Generation For Manufacturing of Complex and Splined Transmission Parts

6th April 2016

The new generation FFC – the legendary flow-forming centre now in vertical mode.

MACHINE DESCRIPTION Vertical spindle configuration:

FOR THE NEW GENERATION FFC. 3 x 120° axis: ideal arrangement for the roll forces

  • Each unit is axially and radially independently programmable.
  • By request a fourth preparation unit for special operations, e.g. splitting, splining, profiling and edge preparation.
  • Intergrated in every machine: the Leifeld developed and licensed programming software FlowForm 2010.
  • Oriented stop of the tailstock and main spindle.
  • Increased tailstock power for deep drawing of hubs.

Production process shown for double clutch housings:

The optimal size and weight of a preform are calculated on the basis of volume computations in the CAD. Besides, the software developed by Leifeld particularly for this application “FlowForm 2010“ also prepares the CNC program for the flow-forming centre from the partial design drawing.

On the FFC machine the first step of the programme is to split the blank in order to make the flow-turn up-/ downwards possible. In the second step the lower segment of the double clutch housing is flow formed. In the further process the second upper half is flow formed likewise. Remarkably this new Leifeld FFC is able to position the various rollers between the particular working steps during the flow-forming process.

The finished component can now be ejected alternatively by the spindle integra-ted unit or ejected by a scraper ring on the spindle.

Complex multipart drive components


  •  Full support during the production development from the company Leifeld.
  •  Simple and fast programming with FlowForm 2010.
  •  High precision manufacture with intelligent construction units.
  • Individual summarizing of manufacturing steps.
  • Flexible construction for compact installation.
  • Shortest loading times with assistance of double robot loading.
  • Simplest and fastest set up time owing to integrated tool change system.
  • Operator friendly machine with low-maintenance.
  • Optimal accessibility of the machine from 3 sides.